To follow up Sarah’s timely (given the recent Olympics) London-y adventure, I decided to take a trip of my own.  Only instead of hopping “across the pond” I decided to be more patriotic than my counterpart and take a trip across ‘Merica.  That’s right.


Have you ever wondered what you could do with 40 hours?  My friends Jess, Courtney and I took a 4 day break from work, hopped in my Corolla and drove up the eastern seaboard.  We spent 40 hours in 4 days sitting in a car but it was sooooo worth it.

The first day, we drove up I-95 and headed to Connecticut, where Courtney’s amazing family gave us sangria and lodging.  The next day, we drove into the Big Apple…center of the universe….New York City (10 points to the first person who can explain to me why they call it the Big Apple.)

The $12 George Washington toll bridge

We walked, and walked and walked some more, but it was a good thing we did because we also ate.  And ate and ate and ate.  Our first stop was the Carnegie Deli and let me tell you, they make sandwiches so huge that even Bigfoot would need to ask for a doggy bag.

After stopping for some liquid refueling at an Irish pub, we went up….and up….and up some more….all the way to the top of the Rockefeller Center.  This really wouldn’t be a big accomplishment except that I’m afraid of heights.  I’m glad to say I made it down alive.  Oh, and everyone else did too.

High (not that kind)

Next we made it to Serendipity.  After seeing Kate Beckinsdale with their frozen hot chocolates it was all we wanted, but upon arrival we discovered that the wait time for a seat was an hour and a half.  With little time to spare before our Broadway show “Newsies”, I may have told the seating host that all of our hopes and dreams were being dashed… so he took pity on us and gave us some frozen hot chocolates to go.  We made it to the show on time!  Lesson:  always be overdramatic.

Proof that drama pays off

The next day, we went back in time to a cute old-fashioned Connecticut seaport called Mystic…yes, the same one in the movies Mystic Pizza and Mystic River.  After lunch at Mystic Pizza, we toured the seaport, went into a disappointing small lighthouse, had some rum in honor of Captain Jack, and even took out a rowboat.  I’m not sure why they let me drive the rowboat, but it was a mistake because I almost hit a steamboat.  I didn’t even notice it coming towards us until a neighboring boat’s captain yelled a warning at us.  I tried to get out of the way but only succeeded in driving us around in circles.  It’s a good thing we weren’t being chased.  I blame the rum.

Show-boating my row-boating skills

I had never been to Washington, DC before.  We decided to go, so that I could finally call myself a real American.  We drove to DC that night, and spent the next day being patriotic, touring the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Wall, the Korean War Memorial, and the WWII Memorial.


I was pretty excited about how much we were able to fit in during a 4 day trip…until I got back to Kentucky and someone informed me that DC has a spy museum.  What?!  How did I miss that??

I need to go back immediately.

Who’s in?

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  1. PLEASE COME BACK! We had a great time. More Sangria is waiting :-)

  2. breakingbrad says:

    Nice post! ‘big apple’ was used by some bloke in a newspaper in the 1920′s talking about horse racing and it just stuck. Something like that, do I still get 10 points?

  3. Siobhan says:

    I have been to the Spy Museum twice! It is a great place! Come with us to NAPEC in September and we will go! :)

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