Overwhelmed by Trader Joe’s


Trader Joe’s is not a new thing.  In fact it’s been around since 1958.   Lexington, however, can be a little behind trends.  Chrissy and I, not Kentucky natives, were thrilled when we found out our adopted city was slowly making its way up….kinda.  

The day it opened we set out in the heat, the brain melting heat, to experience joy.  As we drove my car started making an unsettling noise, but that didn’t stop us.  There was traffic and no parking, so we made up our own spot, fought the masses and walked in.

Entering was magical.  So magical we made a choice.  It may have been heat related or it may have just been a really great idea.  Let’s find the weirdest things they have and eat them.  You need to understand, your weird and our weird may not be the same thing. 
We believe we were being adventurous.  If the things we picked do not impress you….I once ate a donkey pita with sweet potato jelly.  You may respect me now.  


Chocolate French Toast? Yes.

Let me just say that we did this for you.  When you walk into a health food store, there can be many different options.  Different and scary.  We decided to take all of the oddest options and test them out so that you wouldn’t have to.

First of all, who walks into a health food store and walks out with a bag full of junk food?  Us.  That is who.  Chocolate covered edamame.  Chocolate covered potato chips.  Cookies made from Kettle Korn.  Chocolate French toast.  Sea Salt Brownies.  And Chile Coated Mango.

Chocolate Covered Edamame

First, we tried the chocolate covered edamame.  Edamame is similar to a soybean.  So, covered in chocolate you can imagine it might be quite odd.  Anytime a vegetable masquerades as a candy, you will probably be disappointed.

Kettle Corn Cookies

Next we tried the Kettle Korn cookies.  They took the corn and chopped it up in the cookie dough.  I liked these more than Sarah’s dog.  Apparently there is a reason you shouldn’t give dogs people food.

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

After that, we tried chocolate covered potato chips.  As you can see from my face, this was a fail.

Sea Salt Brownies

Then we tried the sea salt covered brownies.  This was our attempt at being trendy.  Let’s just say I’m better at being old fashioned.  My theory on how they made these:  Dumping regular brownies in the ocean and then selling them.  Salt overload!

Chile Mangos

Finally, we save the one semi-health food for last.  Chile coated mangos.  I apparently fail as a Cajun because the spice killed me.  I couldn’t taste anything except for the burn.  But it was healthy so it made up for the loads of chocolate eaten moments previously.

As we were leaving Trader Joe’s,  we ventured over to the other side of the store, a separate room which housed the wine selection.  We stood there awkwardly for a few moments and decided that although we could pose as health food experts while shopping, we are not classy enough to pretend to be wine connoisseurs.

As we were leaving, we used what was left of our haughtiness  to glare at two girls who were questionably dressed.  Where did they think we were?  Walmart?  Please, Lexington has class now. 

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