Forgotten but not gone.

Posted: June 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Cedar Point….where my cell phone melted.


My memory is evil and will someday try to kill me.  Although a slightly confusing statement, I stick by it.  Why? 

Ask me any question about my childhood and I can probably recall it.  I will recall details that will make my family question the validity of my recollections but I promise you they’re true. 

Now ask me where my car keys are.  I recently wasted an entire day flipping over furniture and questioning my friends’ key stealing ways trying to find a set that never left my purse.  The same purse I always put them in.  

I forced boyfriend to come and pick me up and drive me to work.  I called places I visited the night before.  I emptied out part of my purse…the wrong part it turns out but still, it’s the thought that counts?  Fail. 

Today I did the same thing but after searching my purse I found them in my hand.  Double fail.

I can watch almost any cartoon and tell you who the voice over actor  is speaking.  I can then  tell you other things they have done and details on their life.  Don’t ask me about math.  I can’t remember anything I learned past simple middle school algebra.  Algebra may be generous.  If you need someone to add something, I’m your girl!  Nothing fancy though. 

One day soon, I’ll be driving down the road, telling a friend the history of cartoon voices and how it affected my childhood and I’ll forget what the red in the stop light means.  DOOM. 

 Maybe this is the revenge it’s taking on me for riding wooden roller coasters in my youth.  Soon all I will remember of college is the debt I accrued for four years.  Well played memory….well played.



I can’t remember what I was going to say.

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