Our Not-So-Strange Addiction

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Be Jealous.


“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.”  Lyrics to an 80s sitcoms can speak to all of us.  They make us long for a place where we are comfortable.  A place you know what to expect and can just be yourself. 

After searching the entire Lexington, Kentucky area Chrissy and I finally found that place.  It was humiliating. 

Coffee Times is an amazing coffee house.  We started going there for their drinks and pastries and stayed for the laid back atmosphere.  Then we kept going.

Awesome pastries.

One day as Chrissy and I were waiting for our brownie and piece of pie the worker looked at me and shouted “Sarah, did you want this warmed up?!”  I had never directly told this man my name. 

He was as shocked as I was.  “Woah.  I didn’t even know I knew your name.”  My life became a little sadder. 

I wish I could tell you Chrissy and I learned all of their names and responded in kind.  We haven’t.  We have made up our own fond nicknames for our new friends.  Learning their real names would probably upset the balance we have so carefully worked at. 

It probably shouldn’t come as a shock.  We have been a member of their coffee rewards club for sometime now.  ONE OF US even ordered $70 worth of a specialty type of bean because ‘dark roast is real coffee.  Light roast is for girls.’  (Hint: it was Chrissy)


I, on the other hand, look at being a familiar face in a community gathering place like Coffee Times, as an accomplishment.  It means I spend enough time doing something I enjoy to become a regular.

There’s something about it that makes you feel like a part of the establishment, and so you feel just a tad bit more important as you walk through the door.

Coffee Times is actually one of the reasons that Sarah and I started blogging in the first place.  We used to go get coffee there together every once in a while and catch up on everything going on in each others lives.  However, after hanging out in a coffee shop for a while, I think one cannot help feeling more intellectual when surrounded by hipsters, students, musicians, scholars, and fellow bloggers.

The laid back atmosphere is usually conducive to blog-writing.  However, there are many times when you catch quirky conversations or see characters being unintentionally hilarious.  Such the businessman whose conversation ranged from the political aspirations of Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War, to whether Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character will be a little too far-reaching in the upcoming installment of Batman.  Or the girl slumped in the chair reading, her sock-clad feet stretched out on the common coffee table.

I think that’s what I enjoy about Coffee Times…the wide array of characters that make their way thru the doors.

But that makes me start to wonder….what kind of character do they see me as?

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  1. AgentD32 says:

    What kind of character do they see you as? What a wonderful question, I often wonder how people see one another and what that could mean. What kind of character do you wish to be? Not something to tell me, a digital stranger, but something to contemplate with some good brew (love the pics). I really dig the blog, please keep up the mad skill.

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