No one is getting punched….

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

On the Road again


Going on a trip takes a lot of preparation and effort.  You have to make reservations, pack your bag, make sure you have all the odds and ends you’ll need.  If you’re going on the trip with someone it adds a new element.  An element I would like to call ‘punch him in the face.’

Sometimes two people have different priorities.  It’s good to find these things out on a few smaller trips before you, say, purchase a ticket to fly overseas together. 

We are going to England this Friday.  Going to visit a friend and see the sights for a week.  Boyfriend and I share some similarities, we both want to clean up the house before we go and we both want to take clothes with us…END. 

  I have read the travel book and marked pages so he can skip straight to the good stuff.  I have laid out my clothing and had him review it with me so I can make sure nothing is forgotten.  I have watched English programming to mentally prepare.

These are not signs of a crazy person, these are signs of a person who is on top of things.  These are the signs of a person who is slowly turning into her mother.

Boyfriend is almost packed-ish.  He looked at a website the other day, after I threw the computer onto him and said  “LOOK!”.  He would like to go Bath when we’re there.  He’s not really concerned about the whole thing, honestly. 

I guess it’s ok that one of us is more lax than the other.  It makes the trip more fun.   This is assuming we both make it over.  One of us may be accidentally punched in the face.  


Take it from me – I just returned from a vacation overseas.  Preparation is only half the battle.  After years of trying to plan and guide family vacations, I finally have it figured out.

Just sit back and enjoy the ride. You’re much less likely to pop a blood vessel, bust a gut, or punch your boyfriend in the face.  Just sayin’.

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  1. dad says:

    love the picture with the bug zebra seats. i heat it’s a really “cool” car! Don’t you wish you were still driving it?

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